Josh Talks is a knowledge sharing platform to discuss remarkable stories and ideas from India. The conference began 3 years ago and now holds 15 conferences across the country each year. Topics ranging from sports and entrepreneurship to social activism, space exploration, technology, innovation, performing arts and more are covered. Speakers get on stage and share their work, their ideas or stories with a goal to inspire.

The Josh Talks conference is a day to explore some of the most pressing issues of our time and to imagine what our future might look like.



Here’s the Speaker Lineup of Josh Talks Hyderabad


Founder, Bamboo House India

Around 11 years ago, a young couple in Hyderabad started a business of building bamboo houses. And today, the business stands to give a turnover of one crore, behind which lies a story of struggles and hardships, making Prashant and Aruna help and encourage young entrepreneurs to live their passion and work harder to strive for success.


Burn Survivor and Crusader

Nihari, was married to a man at the age of 20 who became the reason of her self immolation due to the level of torture she faced. Post her recovery, Nihari today, sets an examples for millions to keep the will for living a happy life and fight the world with utmost confidence


Co-Founder, We Make Scholars

Co-founded along with Arjun Krishna and Vinay Nair, Damini Mahajan’s is an online platform for students aiming to go oversees for higher education. Awarded as the winner of Silicon Valley Challenge by Action for India 2016, Damini’s venture offers services from admission guidance, finding scholarships to fund education, finding internships to even securing education loans. The website has users from around the world using their services.


IAS Officer

Ronald Rose is currently the Collector of Mahbubnagar district in Telangana who started his career as a commercial clerk in the Indian Railways. A 2006 batch IAS Officer, Ronald has been highly recognized for his contribution by development experts for people-centric initiatives, evidence-based policy-making and rigorous programme evaluations.


Founder, Bakeys

Undertaking his venture of Edible Cutlery, Narayana Peesapaty is using ‘spoons’ as a trigger to create a sense of eco-friendly living.


Telugu Film Producer

Founder of Sanghamitra Arts Creative Production house, Neelima is one of the few women producers in the Telugu Film industry.




The group mostly touches on current topics, but many of their videos and memes give us an insight into Hyderabad and the lives of Hyderabadis, in a hilarious way.


Founder – T.I.M.E. Institute

Encouraging aspiring CAT students to achieve their dream, Viswanath Pillutla will shed light on how hard work and the right kind of preparation can surely help students to fulfil their aspirations.



Having quit her conventional job for music, Meghna Dundi’s talk will inspire you to take the leap of faith and chase your passion.

WHO should attend the conference?

Anyone with some fire in their belly and an itch to do something more. From Entrepreneurs and Artists to Scientists, Designers, Architects or Engineers. This conference is for those who have an open mind and a drive to do something special and meaningful. Or for those who do not wish to accept things the way they are, who want to accomplish or change something.

WHY to attend the conference?

This is an opportunity to be blown away by witnessing the work the speakers are doing or by hearing their stories. This is also an opportunity to meet the speakers and interact first hand with the people who are making real change happen. And finally get to meet others like yourselves, who already are or want to get out there and do something amazing.

Come, feel the Josh

Come, feel the Josh