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Josh Talks is a knowledge sharing platform to discuss remarkable stories and ideas from India. The conference began 3 years ago and now holds 15 conferences across the country each year. Topics ranging from sports and entrepreneurship to social activism, space exploration, technology, innovation, performing arts and more are covered. Speakers get on stage and share their work, their ideas or stories with a goal to inspire.

The Josh Talks conference is a day to explore some of the most pressing issues of our time and to imagine what our future might look like.

Here’s the Speaker Lineup of Josh Talks Jammu

Poet, Lead Vocalist & Songwriter, Alif

Muhammad Muneem is an established poet and a singer who sings for the Sufi rock band Alif. The band writes poetry in Urdu and Kashmiri and creates a fusion of contemporary poetry and music with ethnic sound.


IAS Officer

Mohammad Aijaz Asad is a celebrated IAS officer who is currently serving as the Deputy Commissioner of Poonch. He received the Best Electoral Practices award in 2017 for recording the highest enrollment of electors in J&K.


Superintendent of Police, South Jammu

Sandeep Chaudhary is the Superintendent of South Jammu police. He offers over 150 meritorious candidates free coaching to help them crack the competitive exams.


Social Entrepreneur

Ashima Kaul is an independent peace practitioner, journalist as well as executive director of Yakjah Reconciliation and Development Network, a network of youth, women and religious leaders in Jammu and Kashmir. She has conducted workshops encouraging interfaith cooperation for children and youth using media such as film, theater and art as tools to promote dialogue and leadership.


Photographer & Poet

Aamir Wani is a Kashmiri photographer and poet who through his lens wants to remember the paradise Kashmir once was. His beautiful imagery and words on Instagram perfectly capture the mood of many Kashmiris.


Founder, The Closet Cloud

Anam Siraj beat numerous family and financial constraints to set up her own fashion label named The Closet Cloud. Inspiring women in Jammu to make an independent living, she’s a living testament of promoting self-identity through fashion.


Founder, Servicesmojo & Jammu Startup Community

Ankush Gupta founded Servicesmojo with the intent of bringing offline retail experiences online. His latest venture, Jammu Startup Community, aims to make the young workforce of J&K self-reliant.


Aerobics Instructor & Founder, Women Alive

Monika Manohar, the only Bokwa instuctor in Jammu, strongly believes in encouraging women between the age of 15 and 55 to work on their fitness. For this purpose she started Women Alive, an aerobics and kathak centre that has has been successfuly running in the Jammu region for over five years.

WHO should attend the conference?
Anyone with some fire in their belly and an itch to do something more. From Entrepreneurs and Artists to Scientists, Designers, Architects or Engineers. This conference is for those who have an open mind and a drive to do something special and meaningful. Or for those who do not wish to accept things the way they are, who want to accomplish or change something.
WHY to attend the conference?
This is an opportunity to be blown away by witnessing the work the speakers are doing or by hearing their stories. This is also an opportunity to meet the speakers and interact first hand with the people who are making real change happen. And finally get to meet others like yourselves, who already are or want to get out there and do something amazing.
Come, feel the Josh
Come, feel the Josh