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Josh Talks began its journey with a simple, effective and powerful story. In 2014, undergraduate students Shobhit Banga and Supriya Paul observed that many of their fellow students were plagued by one problem: the lack of motivation, and the subdued nature of their potential. The establishment of Josh Talks was a result of this observation.

This is a platform for influentials from diverse fields, from entrepreneurship, sports, stand-up comedy, performing arts and more – who serve as speakers to instil motivation and raise the aspirations of young India. Josh Talks’ intent is now an infectious reality, as we’ve toured over 28 cities and touched over 26 million lives.

Here’s the Speaker Lineup of Josh Talks Kanpur 2018

Political Cartoonist

Known for his political satire, Aseem Trivedi is one of the staunchest champions of the Freedom of Expression Act. In 2012, he received the Courage in Editorial Cartooning Award for his extremely thought-provoking work.


Singers & National Award Winners

Shruti and Gauri Bhatla suffer from ontogenesis imprecate, an incurable genetic bone disorder, but that did not deter them from chasing their dreams. They recorded a music album with eminent Bollywood playback singers like Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu and Sadhna Sargam.


Speed Painter

Amit Verma is a leading live speed painter in North India. He’s best known for his murals and fine art.


Chairman, Tasty Dairy Specialities Limited

Under Atul Mehra’s guidance, Tasty Dairy crossed a turnover of 250 crores in 2013-14, registering an annual growth of more than 28%. The company has been bestowed with several awards, notably Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award and National Productivity Award.


Math Prodigy

Popularly known as ‘Calculator Girl’ — Dilpreet Kaur is a class 10th student in Kanpur. Dilpreet can perform 11 mathematical calculations in a record time ranging from 15.83 seconds to 1.36 minute.


Coding Genius

Simran Singh designed an app named Project Vision which predicts algae levels, and plots it in the form of an image on the laptop screen. His app earned him a cash prize of $3000 at the Imagine Cup-Earth competition.



Utkarsh Dwivedi is the world’s first ambidextrous wrist spinner whose unique style was developed after he had a life-threatening accident.

WHO should be a part of this conference?
Anyone with some fire in their belly and an itch to do something more. From Entrepreneurs and Artists to Scientists, Designers, Architects or Engineers. This conference is for those who have open mind and drive to do something special and meaningful. Or those who do not wish to accept things the way they are, who want to accomplish or change something.
WHY to be a part of this conference?
This is an opportunity to be blown away by witnessing the work the speakers are doing or by hearing their stories. This is also an opportunity meet the speakers and see and speak first hand to the people who make real change happen. And finally get to meet others like yourselves, who already are or want to get out there and do something amazing.
Come, feel the Josh
Come, feel the Josh