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Josh Talks is a knowledge sharing platform to discuss remarkable stories and ideas from India. The conference began 3 years ago and now holds 15 conferences across the country each year. Topics ranging from sports and entrepreneurship to social activism, space exploration, technology, innovation, performing arts and more are covered. Speakers get on stage and share their work, their ideas or stories with a goal to inspire.

The Josh Talks conference is a day to explore some of the most pressing issues of our time and to imagine what our future might look like.



Here’s the Speaker Lineup for Josh Talks Nepal


Creator, The Factory Team

Ahmed Dulla is the mastermind behind the handcrafted shoe brand ‘The Factory Team’. In 2011, he had a breakthrough idea: to use his skills in design, production and entrepreneurship to sell footwear through Facebook. Today his brand ‘The Factory Team’ has turned into a luxury brand, a favourite among many across the globe.


Founder, Tootle

One year ago, Sixit Bhatta fixed all traffic woes by connecting riders to people going the same way on their motorbikes. This sustainable travel concept is economically viable and a great way for the masses to save time on their daily commute. All ‘tootlers’ have to do is get the app and start riding!


Youth Ambassador and Activist

Suman Khadka, a teenage boy from Palchok saved Nepal during the 2015 earthquake. He brought people from all across the world to raise over twenty thousand dollars by running a campaign on Facebook and using the funds to set up a clinic for the injured. Catch this social entrepreneur talk about running a campaign of this magnitude at a time of crisis.


Founder, Merojob

Shailendra Raj Giri is the Managing Director of and Rorgari services. The man who started as a salesman with a salary of NRs 3000 is today recognized as a Global Entrepreneur.


Life Coach

A shy school boy from Dhangadi, Saunak Bhatta is today a confidence coach and motivational speaker. Saunak is a facilitator at awareness programs all across Nepal. He runs his own motivational YouTube channel and is also the Executive Director at We Inspire Nepal (WIN).


Mountaineer turned Comedian

In May 2008, Shailee Basnet climbed the Mount Everest. Today, she is the driving force behind the ‘Seven Summits Women Team’ and conducts Leadership and Spiritual treks in the Himalayan region. She also runs a signature show called ‘TOP SHOT COMEDY with Shailee Basnet’ at Gotham Comedy Club, USA.


Co-Founder, Urban Girl

Nikita Acharya, CEO, and co-founder of Urban Girl and UG Cakes started her venture during her BBA 5th Semester. A successful e-commerce business, Urban Girl started with an investment of Rs 20,000. Today, it empowers women and the socially marginalized, by selling their crafts online.

WHO should attend the conference?
Anyone with some fire in their belly and an itch to do something more. From Entrepreneurs and Artists to Scientists, Designers, Architects or Engineers. This conference is for those who have an open mind and a drive to do something special and meaningful. Or for those who do not wish to accept things the way they are, who want to accomplish or change something.
WHY to attend the conference?
This is an opportunity to be blown away by witnessing the work the speakers are doing or by hearing their stories. This is also an opportunity to meet the speakers and interact first hand with the people who are making real change happen. And finally get to meet others like yourselves, who already are or want to get out there and do something amazing.
Come, feel the Josh
Come, feel the Josh