About Josh Talks 

Josh Talks is a conference to discuss remarkable stories and ideas from India. The conference began 3 years ago and now holds 12 conferences across the country each year. Topics ranging from sports and entrepreneurship to social activism space exploration, technology, innovation, performing arts and more are covered. Speakers get on stage and share their work, their ideas or stories with a goal to inspire. The Josh Talks conference is a day to explore some of the most pressing issues of our time and to imagine what our future might look like.

About Josh Talks Patiala

We at Josh Talks, in collaboration with Facebook, are hosting our sixth event of the year on the 8th of October in Patiala. This day-long conference cuts across genres, to bring to you incredible stories of gritty people who are most likely to be your next role models, like: a businessman who is using football to transform the lives of thousands of rural children in Punjab; a 20-year old rifle shooter with over 50 medals to her name, a young professional who is changing how the world sees clean energy; and more incredible people!

Uplifting stories and thought-provoking experiences come together to take you on a roller coaster journey of ideas. Join us!

Speakers at JoshTalks Patiala 2017

Here is the speaker lineup of Josh Talks Patiala 2017: 

1. Gurmangal Dass – Founder, Youth Football Club

Gurumangal is changing the lives of over 10,000 underprivileged children with his organization, YFC. What started off as a football coaching centre, now has 9 centres spread across rural Punjab – providing education, sports, training and a lot more.

2. Lakshay Sehgal – Managing Director, Spektron Solar

A champion of the clean energy sector, Lakshay has helped power over 100 homes with solar power till date and trained hundreds of people in clean energy. He now runs his own company to cater to solar power needs.

3. Anjum Moudgil – Rifle shooter

Anjum is just 20, and she’s a National Level Rifle Shooter having bagged over 50 National Medals & 7 International Medals for India! Needless to say, she knows what she is aiming for in life & shares the inspiration behind her stalwart shooting career, which has only just begun.

4. Harsh Kothari – Education Reformist

Har Hath Kalam’s founder Harsh Kothari is on a mission to make Patiala a begging free zone, using education as a tool.

5. Navsangeet Kaur – Founder,White Falcon Publishing

The founder of White Falcon Publishing is a mentor for authors seeking to self-publish their books and get global recognition.

6. Somveer Singh Anand – Green Entrepreneur

Chandigarh based Somveer Anand is helping people nationwide live a healthier and pesticide-free lifestyle, with Pindfresh.

Releasing 2 more speakers soon.

Who should attend the conference?

Anyone with some fire in their belly and an itch to do something more. From Entrepreneurs and Artists to Scientists, Designers, Architects or Engineers. This conference is for those who have open mind and drive to do something special and meaningful. Or those who do not wish to accept things the way they are, who want to accomplish or change something.

Why to attend the conference?

This is an opportunity to be blown away by witnessing the work the speakers are doing or by hearing their stories. This is also an opportunity meet the speakers and see and speak first hand to the people who make real change happen. And finally get to meet others like yourselves, who already are or want to get out there and do something amazing.

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